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While TIMSS test student’s competencies in mathematics, MaRWA is aimed to test students’s readiness in learning mathematics in SEA region. It is hoped that the results of MaRWA can be used as point of departure for teachers to improve their teaching and learning practices.

The following are some important points on the MaRWA project:

  1. MaRWA should not replicate either Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) or Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)
  2. However, both PISA and TIMSS will be used as the references,
  3. MaRWA should not rank among participants;
  4. MaRWA should be able to help teachers finding the problems of students learning;
  5. MaRWA can provide input for teachers education providers (for example SEAMEO QITEP Mathematics and SEAMEO RECSAM) to conduct relevant training for mathematics teachers in Southeast Asian region;
  6. MaRWA result can be used to diagnose the student’s weakness and students learning;
  7. The type of assessment is a diagnostic test,

Items Example :

1. Grade 5

2. Grade 8

3. Grade 10