New test items development in 2016

In order to enrich the MaRWA programme, SEAQiM developed new item banks of MaRWA for Year 5, Year 8, and Year 10 students. Each grade consists of two sets of items.

The items were developed on March – May 2016 and try-out have been implemented in some schools in Indonesia through both paper and pencil test and online test form on June – July 2016. The results were analyzed and the items were revised, and used for the next try-out on November 2016 in other schools in Indonesia. In the future, SEAQiM will move to have extended try-out and implementing the new items of MaRWA, and conducting MaRWA on line.

No Venue Date School Participants Type
1 Yogyakarta 8 June 2016 SDN Deresan 46 Paper based
9 June2016 SDN Lempuyangwangi 77 Paper based
10 June 2016 SD Muh. Sapen 66 Paper based
19 July 2016 SMPN 1 Sleman 59 Paper based
21 July 2016 SMPN 1 Yogyakarta 65 Paper based
25 July 2016 SMAN 2 Yogyakarta 62 Paper based
20 March 2016 SMPN 1 Sleman 158 Computer based
2 Aceh 16 Juli 2016 SMAN 1 Langsa, Aceh 72 Computer based


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