Conception and Formulation in 2011

Students’   learning   process   can   be   analyzed   through   assessment.   By   scrutinizing mathematics assessment results, we can analyze several aspects, such as students’ understanding, reasoning, mathematics communications and problems solving.

Considering the importance of assessment, QITEP in Mathematics plans to formulate mathematics assessment in Southeast Asia Region. As a standpoint of realizing the plan, the Centre conducted the first Regional Wide Assessment Meeting from 4‐6 October 2011 at QITEP in Mathematics. The Centre invited several experts in mathematics assessment. They were Prof. Frederick KS Leung from the University of Hong Kong, Dr. Cheah Ui Hock from SEAMEO  RECSAM,  Ms.  Dewani  Goloi  from  Ministry  of  Education  Malaysia,  Prof.  Iwan Pranoto  from  Bandung  Institute  of  Technology,  Dr.  Ali  Mahmudi,  S.Pd,  M.Pd  from Yogyakarta State University, and Prof. Subanar, Ph.D. from QITEP in Mathematics.

In the future, the project aims to gather more relevant data, with the hope that based on the results yielded from the regional wide assessment, the Centre will be able to provide relevant training for mathematics teachers in the region

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