Item test development in 2012

The Mathematics Regional Wide Assessment (MaRWA) is important to develop since it can measure the mathematics achievement of Southeast Asia Students.

Besides, it results database which is useful for policy makers to assess the effectiveness level of education system of SEAMEO Countries. It is also useful to get a framework or guidelines for mathematics assessment and suggestion for teacher training.

Considering the importance of assessment, the Centre conducted the Mathematics Regional Wide Assessment Workshop on 9-12 October 2012 at QITEP in Mathematics. The Centre invited several experts in mathematics assessment. They were Prof. Allan L. White  from  University  of  Western  Sydney,  Prof.  Masami  Isoda    from  University  of Tsukuba,  Dr.  S.  Kanageswari  S.  Shanmugam  from  SEAMEO  RECSAM,  Malaysia,  Prof. Tatang Herman from Education University of  Indonesia, Bandung, and Mohammad Soleh from SMPN 30 Jakarta.

The result of this meeting is a set of test of Mathematics Regional Wide Assessment (MRWA) for grade 5 and grade 8. It is hoped that the MaRWA products can be implemented in all SEAMEO Countries to support the Centre mission to develop and enhance professionalism  of  mathematics  teachers  and  education  personnel  trough teaching and learning monitoring in SEAMEO Countries.

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